Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Year Wishes

Happy new year everyone! I hope everyone has recovered, well just about from new years eve. Wow what a year 2012 was, went by so fast but what a year. Definitely made me proud to be British, what with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and of course London 2012 Olympics. Not to mention everything else that happened during an eventful 2012 but that's all the in the past now, time to look forward and I can't wait for this year to really start.
So I decided to make the usual new year resolutions of getting fit and healthy, trying to be better with money and making sure I keep in touch with old friends; but the one resolution I really want to get started on is to travel more, I been to a few places but really want to explore the world and this year I plan to start. Ok so I have nothing planed yet but surely that's half the fun, trying to decide where to start.
Plus the new year means new fashions and beauty products and what girl doesn't love that :) I feel a new year splurge coming on but don't worry I will keep you all in the loop of new purchases.
Now that's enough from me, so wishing you all a very happy new year and best wishes for 2013, it's going to be a good year!


Jumper- Topshop
Glasses- Tommy Hilfiger

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