Monday, 10 June 2013

Currently loving... television

Ever since I can remember I've always loved T.V; I have a great love for films but I have to admit I've always had a soft spot for television. Ranging from thriller, murder mysteries to American Sit-Coms with a bit of reality shows and teen dramas thrown in for good measure. I've been through phases of watching all the soaps to now none, although I think Made In Chelsea feels like a soap sometimes. My addiction isn't as bad as it once was but more often than not you could catch me watching something or other. Some people see it as a waste of time, whereas other completely understand but to me nothing beats sitting in front of the telly and escaping into another world for 30 minutes or an hour, forgetting my troubles and relaxing whilst watching someone else's. I think my real love goes to crime shows, show me a murder and I'm hooked (ok that didn't sound as bad in my head); CSI, NCIS, The Mentalist to name just a few, I even enjoy the occasional Midsomer Murders but let's keep that between us. So as my love for television continues and shows no sign of stopping I thought I would talk about my three favourite shows of the past month and I have a feeling will continue to be my favourites.

This hit US show is still in it's first series but I've been obsessed since the very first episode. Filled with love triangles, betrayal, lies and secrets; oh and a bit of music thrown in. I joke of course, as well as the complex story lines about fantastic characters, the show is filled with amazing music. Nashville, where the show is set, almost becomes a character in itself, provides the perfect backdrop to the show, providing the family values and musical background it, it was of course the only possible choice for the country music soundtrack. I have to admit country music is a guilty pleasure for me and this show my current obsession; I think I will be heartbroken when the series does actually finish. With all the characters practically swapping partners and having some sort of baggage, whether it be a drug addicted Mother, a Father who you've fought with your whole life or just realizing your boyfriend's a jerk; there is always something going on amongst the music whilst they try to write an album or tour the country. You really do start to care about what happens to these complex and interesting characters. I love the mix of drama and music in this show and think the writers, actors and musicians really do a fantastic job.
So if you're looking for a new show to obsess over, there is nothing else like Nashville and I highly recommend giving it a watch.

Nashville is currently on More4 every Thursday at 10pm

Now I want you to think about your favourite fairytale, got it? Think you know the story and the characters pretty well? Well think again. Once Upon A Time uses characters and ideals from all the classics and turns them round and twists parts to create a modern day fairytale. It still features the classic elements you'd expect, good vs evil, dark magic, lost loves and evil queens but with a fresh spin on things and you are left with a completely unique take on Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Rumpelstiltskin and many more. Currently on season two of this magical adventure and the twists keep coming and surprising you, I can honestly say I can't wait to see what happens next. If like me you love fairytales and stories of magic then this really is the show for you, however if you haven't seen it I would suggest watching it from the beginning as a lot has happened. Featuring some very talented actors, Robert Carlyle, Ginnifer Goodwin, Lana Parrilla and Jennifer Morrison, Once Upon A Time really should not be missed. I curse you not to love it too (see what what I did there, little magic humour).

Once Upon A Time is currently on channel 5 every Sunday at 8pm

Where to begin? Once you've known me for a while you would learn that I'm a massive CSI fan, I've loved this show from the beginning and haven't missed an episode. I seriously can't get enough, even owning most of the DVD boxsets, I'm actually addicted, I should seek help ;) Through the good; Grissom and the original team (see image above); the bad, Dr Ray I'm looking at you, some of the worse episodes I've seen and the ugly, seriously some of the deaths and crime scenes are disgusting. I've laughed with the team, with their one liners and sometimes bizarre behaviour and I've cried, Warrick's death and Grissom leaving. I've worried about them, Nick being kidnapped and buried alive, the miniature killer taking Sara and Captain Brass being shot and genuinely care about what happens to each character (I told you I need help).
Now with a stellar cast and fantastic on the edge of your seat storylines, CSI is back on top form after a few shaky seasons. With Ted Danson leading the cast, my beloved show is as amazing as ever. Even after 12 years and 12 seasons it feels fresh and cutting edge and now in it's 13th year and season, it's safe to say this is going to continue to be one of my favourite shows. So thank you CSI for entertaining me all these years and bringing a fresh take to the crime genre and for making me desperately want to go to Las Vegas (I will get there one day).

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is currently on channel 5 every Tuesday at 9pm

So there you have it, my current three favourite shows and I seriously can't get enough of any of them. I hope  you liked this post, a bit different from usual but thought I would try out something different. Let me know what you think. Do any of you watch these shows? I'd love to hear about it and let me know your favourite shows :)

I'm off to watch a Charmed re-run as all this talk of television is making me miss it ;)
Till next time, Zoe xxx

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