Monday, 13 May 2013

Viva a Floripa

Hey guys, so on my recent trip back to London, although it was a long time back now, my friends and I went to a bar called Floripa. Floripa is the nickname of a Balearic style city-island off the coast of Brazil and now a wicked little venue in Shoreditch. With such a friendly and relaxed feel to the place we soon felt right at home, well after racing across the place to get the last free table, which you will all be pleased to know we got. It felt like we were in South America, chilling in a local watering hole and after a few delicious cocktails we were soon all up dancing, shaking our thangs like we were at a carnival. They had a lovely menu with all the great elements of Brazilian cuisine and tasty cocktails. I myself chose Brazil's national cocktail called the Caipirinha, which is made with cacha├ža, lime and sugar and the bartender suggested trying one of the flavoured versions; when in Brazil and all that, ok fine I know I wasn't actually in Brazil but it's the closest I'm gonna get for a while; so I picked the orange one, my oh my was it good, I understand why it's the national cocktail now. The music was great too and really fitted in with the feel of the place, made us all want to salsa and think we had hips like Shakira, which it's safe to say we do not. I would highly recommend the place if you're looking for a fun evening out, to have a few drinks and chat with your mates and of couse to have a little boogie; it's also a really fun place to start the evening if you're looking to go on to a club afterwards.

Have any of you been here? I'd love to hear all about it or if not then definitely check it out for yourselves.

Till next time xxx

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91-93 Great Eastern St
London EC2A 3HZ

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